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oh my god this is the best thign ive ever made i hope beyonce sees it one day


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Anonymous asked: I was planning on messaging you my story because its really long and more like a request for advice but then i was about ten minutes into writing it and i accidentally clicked refresh and lost all of it.... I might still rewrite it... If you would be willing to give me some advice. Doesn't have to be good advice just some advice... because the current situation is kinda fucking my head up and i just need another persons perspective. -James

I would love to help, if you want you can always message me off anon :)

Anonymous asked: what if our anon message about our crush is too long for your ask box?

Send it in two parts, duh!

anonymously tell me about your crush


i’m still pissed off about growing up

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"im not a feminist"


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If he doesn’t care about your orgasm, he doesn’t care about you


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Sometimes I still miss you and I wonder what you’re doing. I wonder if you still read my blog to see how I’m doing. I wonder if you still worry about me like I still worry about you.